Aric Cramer Helps Clients Defense Against Unlawful Practices by the Police Department

While a person does have certain rights, there is the chance these rights will be violated before or during an arrest. When this happens, it could lead to the charges against them being dismissed. If a person believes their rights have been violated, they will want to contact an attorney as quickly as possible to see if their charges can be dismissed.

Unlawful Stop

A person cannot just be stopped while they’re driving because the officer wants to check to see if they have anything illegal. The officer must have a valid reason for stopping the person. This could include anything from the driver failing to use their turn signal to swerving while they were driving. 

Unlawful Search of a Vehicle

Once the person has been stopped, the police officer does not have a right to search the vehicle without permission or probable cause. Probable cause can come into place if the officer smells or sees illegal drugs in the vehicle. If the items are in plain sight, it is not unlawful for the officer to collect the evidence and arrest the person. 

Evidence Not Handled Appropriately

Evidence needs to be handled properly and stored properly between the collection time and the trial. Evidence that is compromised or lost cannot be used against the person. If they believe the evidence was compromised or not handled appropriately, the person will want to hire a lawyer who can look into it for them.

Other Issues With the Arrest

The police have strict regulations to follow when they stop a vehicle and when they arrest someone. This means there could be mistakes made that could allow the person to avoid a conviction. If the person believes their stop or arrest was not lawful, they will want to contact an attorney to have their case reviewed. The attorney may be able to confirm the arrest was not lawful and have the charges dismissed. 

If you’ve been arrested and need to have an attorney review the charges to try to help you, contact an attorney like Aric Cramer now. They will be able to view your case to find out if your rights have been violated and, if so, what can be done about it. Contact an attorney now to have them start looking at your case.